Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How do I order a stock?

You can order on this website or by contacting us by email: 

Gun Dealers, Manufacturers or Shops - Please contact us to discuss pricing.

Lead Times / Delivery / Shipping / Payment Options

Click HERE to find out more about our lead times, shipping methods and payment options.

What colour can my stock be?

Check options here. We can offer custom paint finishes but a surcharge will apply.

Will my stock require bedding?

We strongly advise skim-bedding only. Click here for more information.

What rifles does PSE manufacture stocks for?

Currently we make stocks for the following bolt action rifles:
Tikka T3 / T3x / CTR / T1X
Remington 700 Short Action
Remington 700 Long Action
Remington 700 Clones
Heym SR21
Heym SR30
Schultz & Larsen Tactical
Schultz & Larsen Victory
Howa 1500 / Weatheryby Vanguard SA

Does PSE sell blank stocks?

Yes - we can offer a stock with a back-filled / blank inlet for custom in-letting by a competent gunsmith. The barrel channel will remain open as this is a carbon monocoque structure. Please note warranty may be affected if a stock is worked on by anyone other than PSE Composites Ltd.

Barrel Channels

Click HERE to find out more about PSE stock barrel channels.

Bottom Metals

Click HERE to find out what bottom metals can be used with PSE stocks.

Stock Attachments

Click HERE to view some of our available stock attachment options.

Stock Installation

Learn how to safely install your rifle stock by clicking on the relevant rifle/stock combination below. It is always advisable to have a qualified and competent gunsmith fit your stock for you.

Tikka Stocks - Specific Questions

Click HERE to find out more about PSE stocks for Tikka rifles.

Heym Stocks - Specific Questions

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Remington & Rem clone Stocks - Specific Questions

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