Manufacturing Process - The Next Level

pse rifle stocks are made in carbon fibre using integrated carbon skeleton


PSE Rifle Stocks are manufactured in a complex hand lay-up procedure. Our stocks are made "wet-in-wet" meaning the whole stock is one molding that cures and is heat treated inside the mold. Each stock is laid up by two highly experienced staff working as a team. The internal carbon fibre structure is a fairly complex lay-up of high modulus carbon fibre rovings that are laid in such a way to make our stocks ultra strong and ultra stiff. Additionally, the internal roving structure gives a "frame-like" structure around the bottom inlet as well as the top inlet. Cross members of rovings run under the inlet area left to right. The recoil lug opening is surrounded by strong carbon rovings and woven materials. These connect the recoil lug area with the outside structure of the stock and transfer the recoil directly towards the recoil pad via carbon fibre bundles. We mold our action screw holes and have integrated carbon fibre pillars that are made "wet-in-wet" during the lay-up. On the outside surface of our stocks we use high quality aerospace approved woven carbon fibre.

We do not use gel-coat as we believe it is only a cheap way of getting the finish completed at the expense of weight, strength and stiffness. Although our "no gel-coat" method leads to increased man hours, we believe it is well invested as it leads to a far superior product. We never had intentions to produce a budget stock anyway!

We also believe that only high quality materials such as aerospace approved epoxy resins and fibres lead to a consistent production process. Our production process is well documented and feedback from our customers helps us develop lighter, stronger, stiffer and more ergonomically shaped stocks over time. Each one of our stocks spend around 100 hours at elevated temperatures for various curing stages.