PSE Ambassadors

Paul Dowling - Ireland

Paul has been interested in hunting & shooting from his childhood days. He grew up enjoying all things outdoors including clay pigeon shooting, deer stalking & fishing.

Precision Rifles are of huge interest to Paul and over the past number of years he has competed successfully in several competitions. Paul has been involved in organising many hunting style competitions in Ireland and has been involved in the Irish PRS scene from the very beginning.

In Paul's own words:

"I compete in rimfire PRS and STAGS competitions as well as centrefire PRS. I also shoot sporting league and classic rifle. Basically if I can shoot it I’m there! But I haven’t forgotten my roots and you will find me up the hills of Tipperary, Kerry and Wicklow once the deer season starts or chasing rabbits throughout the summer!"

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Simen Stende - Norway

Simen is a true outdoors enthusiast who has experience in a variety of shooting disciplines. Originally from Valdres in Norway, Simen has been hunting big game from the age of 16, and his love for shooting has evolved to include the more technical disciplines like long range and “running moose” (moving targets).

In Simen's own words:

"PSE is in my opinion the perfect stock for hunting and competition shooting."

Simen is also an ambassador for Heym Rifles, A-Tec Silencers and Element Optics.

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Pit & Anne Jome - Luxembourg

Pit & his wife Anne are both avid hunters and successful competition shooters. They hunt wild boar and roe deer regularly and take part in international long range shooting competitions.

Both Pit & Anne have joined us in Ireland stalking sika deer in the rugged south west of Ireland.

Oengus H Smith (Gus) - Ireland

Pulling triggers since he was just 14 years of age, Gus is shooting / hunting / fishing mad!

When Gus is not stalking deer or fly fishing, you're more likely to find him slapping steel with his nicely modified Tikka T3 nestled in a custom PSE E-Tac carbon fibre stock.

Gus joined Paul Dowling and other Irish PRS shooters as they took part in the Precision Rifle World Championships in Bitche (France) recently!

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