Orders from outside the EU

Are you located outside Europe & looking for a PSE Rifle Stock? Don't worry, we've got you covered!

We ship to most locations worldwide

If you order our products from outside the European Union, you may be entitled to purchase excluding Irish VAT (sales tax). Please select your country at the bottom of the PSE website. You will then see the appropriate prices for your location. The correct VAT rate will be applied depending on the shipping address of the customer. Orders from certain countries will be entitled to purchase products for the exclusive VAT price. However, please note that you may be charged tax and import duties by customs when the goods arrive into your country. It is your responsibility to make yourself aware of these import taxes / duties. We have no control over what taxes/duties will be applied on importation by your country.

How to order?

Order via the website

The price and tax amount should be adjusted accordingly at checkout when you enter your shipping address.

Contact Us and Order by Email
If you prefer to order by email please contact us and we will provide you with a personalised quote.


Will I be charged VAT & Import Duties when the goods arrive?

If ordering from outside Europe you will have to pay the VAT & any duties due when the goods arrive into your country. The courier delivering your order, or customs from your country, will contact you with instructions of how to make the payment.

How much VAT & Duties will I be charged?

This depends on where you're buying from. For example a UK customer will now save themselves the Irish VAT of 23% but will pay 20% UK VAT when the goods arrive in the UK (plus applicable customs duties). We have no control over what VAT and Duties you will be liable to pay when the goods arrive in your country. Please make sure to inform yourself of local import taxes and duties before ordering goods.

Will there be any other charges?

PSE Composites Ltd does not charge any extra fees for orders outside of the EU. However, some couriers and import agents / customs authorities may charge extra fees (for example handling fees). Unfortunately we have no control over these fees and cannot predict whether or not you will be charged these fees.

Will delivery take longer than usual?

Due to additional requirements by local customs authorities, some deliveries to non EU countries may take slightly longer than usual. We will always contact you if we are informed of any order delays.

Are rifle stocks prohibited/restricted items to import?

It is up to you the customer to make sure that the products you purchase are not prohibited/restricted and are allowed to be imported into your country. Please feel free to contact us and we will do our best to advise where we can.

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