Coming Soon - The PSE Evolution Series

This new series of carbon rifle stocks are unlike anything on the market so far.

A monocoque carbon structure yields a super lightweight stock that is quite possibly the lightest adjustable stock on the market today. Unlike other manufacturers, this stock series is not CNC milled, and this is for a reason.

Zero shortcuts were taken developing this stock and it shows. Carbon fibre is not only found on outer surfaces but also inside the inlet area. The barrel channel is also wrapped in carbon. The cheek piece is also wrapped in carbon and is of a sandwich construction and not just a carbon shell. It is done the right way and not the cheap way.

Years of development involving a team of engineers from various backgrounds including the F1, supercar, aerospace, and defence industries has led to a carbon fibre platform that is worthy of housing your high quality rifle.

Available firstly for the following inlets:

  • Remington 700 Short Action & Clones (Kelbly, Defiance, Ultimatum, Lone Peak, Stiller etc) with M5 Bottom Inlet
  • Howa 1500 Long Action
  • Other inlets to follow...

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