PSE Evolution Series

Welcome to the new Evolution Series by PSE Rifle Stocks.

Through our collaboration with engineers from the F1, supercar and aerospace industries, we have united our strengths to design and manufacture the next evolution in rifle stocks.

The PSE Evolution Series is an evolution of the successful PSE platform. Our relentless drive for the most advanced rifle stock has resulted in this new & improved generation of PSE products.

A unique and superior manufacturing technology - ICS (Integrated Carbon Skeleton) lies at the core of this new series. Cutting edge technology forms the backbone of the Evolution Series and allows us to achieve the greatest strength-to-weight ratio of any stock on the market, whilst not eliminating vital features.

Innovation exists not only under the hood of the Evolution Series, but also in stock ergonomics. The Evolution Series is carefully designed to enhance user performance. Stock ergonomics are a result of collaboration between experienced professional hunters, sports shooters, special forces operators and shooting instructors.

This is Evolution

PSE Evolution Rifle Stock

Unrivalled Strength-to-Weight

Weighing in at under 700 grams / 1.5 lbs, the Evolution is quite possibly the lightest adjustable stock available.

Leading edge manufacturing techniques allow us to decrease weight whilst not sacrificing features.

Next Gen Tech

Conventional rifle stock manufacturing involves making a "blank" stock and then CNC milling the inlet and other features. This is a cheaper and possibly more economical way to make a stock, however it is not the "best" way. We do things different at PSE. 

Inlet moulding involves the use of extremely complex and intricate moulds (tools). PSE stocks are hand laid into moulds using various types of carbon fibre materials, all selected for a specific purpose. PSE stocks are "inlet-moulded" meaning they come out of the mould ready for a specific rifle type or inlet. 

Why do we "inlet-mould"? It allows us to place strong materials where they are required and avoids milling away the strong materials at a later stage. Our ICS (Integrated Carbon Skeleton) tech allows us to achieve greater rigidity and strength. Evolution stocks have integrated carbon fibre pillars.

PSE Rifle Stocks Carbon Pillars and Barrel Channel

Solid Core (not hollow) - Recoil Dampening & Noise Reduction

A solid foam core is moulded into each Evolution stock. This "sandwich" material aids compression, stiffness and rigidity. Unlike a hollow carbon stock that emits significant noise when in use, the Evolution stock is not hollow. The Evolution stock is silent due to its core material. Furthermore, the core helps to absorb recoil.

PSE Evolution Rifle Stock Noise and Recoil Reduction

Features that improve performance  

The PSE Evolution features a simple but extremely effective adjustable cheek raiser that is made entirely of hand laid carbon fibre with a moulded core. The cheek piece is spring-loaded to allow for easy single hand adjustment without the need for tools. Furthermore, it is a "negative" shape which means the cheek will fall away from the shooter's face upon recoil.

PSE Evolution Rifle Stock Cheek Piece

Another unique feature of a PSE stock is the pistol grip. Like a tennis racket, the PSE pistol grip is not round. The "pentagon" shape is intentionally designed so that the user develops a subconscious orientation with this grip. Every time a rifleman grips the PSE stock shape, they know where their position without even having to look. The PSE grip design will improve user consistency and hence enhance their accuracy.

PSE Evolution Rifle Stock Features

Colour Finish Options


PSE Evolution Carbon Rifle Stock

PSE Evolution

Stock Specification

  • PSE Carbon Bedding System Including Steel Recoil Lug (Drop-in Fit) - Tikka Version Only (Rem 700 & Clone inlet Evo stocks include Carbon Pillars)
  • Carbon Camo Finish
  • Stippling Grip
  • 2 QD Flush Cups (Fitted on Side Opposite Bolt)
  • Swivel Stud (Fitted for Bipod)
  • Threads Ready for Picatinny Rail (Rail Sold Separately)
  • Height Adjustable Cheek Piece (SHQR System - Single Hand Quick Release)
  • Length-of-Pull Spacer
  • Microcell Light Weight Recoil Pad

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