PSE Composites was established in 2008 when the founders could not find a rifle stock that would meet their needs. The PSE team decided to develop a product without "cost savings" in mind - but instead a rifle stock that would perform well. Being keen hunters all their lives, the PSE team used Edmund's engineering capabilities to design and manufacture a rifle stock - not just another "pretty" stock but one that was made for performance! Soon it was realised that more people were also on the "hunt" for a decent rifle stock and so PSE Rifle Stocks was founded. The PSE team started to manufacture stocks for hunters and target shooters from all corners of the world!


PSE Composites was founded by Edmund Graef and his two sons Peter and Stephan.  Peter was only in secondary school when he decided to start the business as a project. Edmund, being a successful engineer, first developed a carbon composite rifle stock for his own Howa 1500 rifle. All three founders were initially involved in manufacturing a small amount of rifle stocks in a tiny rented room. Peter and Stephan also used the composite materials and their experience to repair surfboards as a side hustle. Soon the demand for PSE Rifle Stocks grew and the PSE team had to expand their production facility. PSE continues to grow today adding new product lines every year and serving hunters and sports shooters with top quality, high performance rifle stocks.


At PSE we strive to deliver products that exceed our customer's expectations. Every rifle stock is hand-made with the highest quality aerospace approved materials. Our innovative, labour-intensive lay-up methods lead to a product of far superior properties and overall quality. This leads to improved and more reliable accuracy, especially under hunting conditions. Our rifle stocks are designed and manufactured to ensure maximum stiffness and strength whilst at the same time retaining light weight. PSE stocks are consistently tested for both quality and performance purposes. Unlike other stock manufacturers, we use a unique inlet moulding technique which leads to enhanced product features such as integrated carbon pillars and 3D long fibre structure within the inlet and recoil lug area. Our manufacturing process and materials technology bring rifle stock manufacturing to the next level!

The PSE team

Victor Ko

Edmund Graef


Co-founder and Managing Director of PSE, Edi is a qualified materials engineer with over 35 years experience. He has been an avid hunter all his life and has a wealth of experience.
K.a Joben

Peter Graef


Co-founder and Director of PSE, Peter has a background in business and is focusing on the international growth of the PSE brand. Peter adores all things outdoors from hunting to surfing to downhill mountain biking.
Richard Bauer

Stephan Graef

Product Development

Co-founder of PSE, Stephan is now working part-time with PSE Rifle Stocks. He progressed his career as a commercial airline pilot. Stephan continues to advise on Sales & Marketing decisions at PSE and continues to be involved in product testing and development.

Need our services?

PSE can offer more than our range of carbon stocks. We have a highly qualified and experienced team specializing in a range of engineering and consulting services. We work with businesses big or small from a wide range of industries. PSE can engage with manufacturers in designing unique composite stocks or other components. Our highly experienced team can work closely with you from the design stages right through to manufacturing stages. We have well-equipped production facilities as well as a special "R&D" facility that enables us to focus on new technology, designs and developments.

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