PSE Stock Barrel Channels

PSE E-Tac stocks

All E-Tac stocks have a straight (non-taper) barrel channel that is 35mm wide the whole way forward. E-Tac stocks will take most barrels.

PSE Hunter & E-Lite stocks

Our Hunter, Multi-Purpose & E-Lite stocks will take up to a factory varmint barrel contour. Some aftermarket barrels, especially the newer carbon barrels may need alterations to fit. Please contact us in advance to ensure we can meet your requirements.

Our Advice:

Despite some people's preference to have a very tight barrel channel on your rifle, we really advise against this. We advise that a wider barrel channel is desired i.e. some space around your barrel. This improves barrel harmonics and also makes cleaning much easier. Your steel barrel is less likely to rust if it can be cleaned properly.