Tikka Stocks - Specific Questions

I have a Tikka T3. Will my action fit straight into your stocks ready to fire or do I have to add anything to it?

We have a range of carbon stocks for the Tikka T3/T3X/T1X. 
All our Tikka stocks can be ordered with the Epoxy Bedding option which means that they can be epoxy bedded by us here in the factory using a Tikka T3 bedding action. It leads to a drop in fit for you when you get the stock and no further bedding work is required. An aftermarket steel recoil lug is included and bedded into the stock. This option is only available for Tikka T3 rifles as Tikka have very tight manufacturing tolerances. 
Alternatively the stocks can be ordered without the Epoxy Bedding option but it is recommended that they are bedded by a competent Gunsmith to get the best repeatability and accuracy. A simple skim bedding of the action area is all that is required - pillars are not needed as the stocks have carbon pillars integrated. 

What torque setting do you recommend for the action screws?

When fitting your stock make sure the screw length is not too long/too short. Important: Fit with the bolt removed from the action. Torque is same as factory recommended: 5 or 5.5 Nm. Check screw tightness after a few shots to make sure it remains tight.

Is it necessary to bed the barrel? If bedding can be done what bedding material should the gunsmith use?

Bedding of the barrel is not advised. Bedding of the rifle action area is necessary. Some can bed up to an inch or so of the barrel but in our years of experience we don't see this as necessary. Most gunsmiths will have their favourite bedding materials. This may be Devcon or any metal enhanced long curing epoxy.

Do you make left-handed stocks for Tikka?

Yes. All of our Tikka stocks can be ordered in right hand or left hand configuration. There is no extra cost. Please note this on your order at checkout!

Could the PSE E-Tac 4 CTR stock be made to suit a long action Tikka T3, and short action Tikka T3? (I have a 6.5CM and a 6.5x55. This stock is for a CTR, but could it be made to fit a 6.5x55 Tikka T3X aswell? 

Yes. Both your Tikka T3 actions will sit into the epoxy bedded E-Tac 4 CTR stock however the difference is the bottom metal inlet. The E-Tac 4 CTR stock bottom inlet is made for the CTR or the Atlasworxs AICS/CTR DBM. A long action factory T3 bottom plastic will also fit into the inlet however there will be a gap on the left and right side because it is of course narrower. 

I have a Tikka T3 in 6.5 x 55 and would like to use larger AICS type magazines. Which stock should I go for and which Atlasworxs Bottom Metal is suitable?

If one wants to use a Long Action Tikka such as 6.5 x 55 with larger magazines then we can manufacture the E-Tac 4 stock and re-inlet the bottom inlet to take the Atlasworxs LA bottom metal.

The Epoxy Skim Bedding (add-on provided by PSE) is required as we would need to ensure bottom metal placement is correct and also that cartridge feeding works. To date we have not charged extra for this inlet work once it is ordered with our Epoxy Skim Bedding add-on.

If the standard factory T3 magazine system is used then the E-Tac 3 with standard bottom inlet is suitable. 

The PSE E-Lite stock can also be inlet for long action Tikka T3 with the Atlasworxs LA mag system.

NOTE: Make sure to let us know when ordering your stock what magazine system will be used and what inlet is required.

I am thinking about my next project, a Tikka T3 varmint in 300 WM and I want to use AICS magazines. I understand that you have Atlasworks bottom metal for this? What length of magazine can I use with that? Does the bottom metal take 3.715 magazines?

The Atlasworxs T3 LA AICS bottom metal is suitable. It will take AICS Type magazines.

We would suggest that if you order the PSE E-Tac 4 Mil-Spec for T3 300 WM we would recommend Epoxy Skim Bedding the stock for you and then adjust bottom metal fitting to ensure the mags would feed well. It will save you a lot of hassle on your end. 

The Atlasworxs Bottom Metal takes 3.715 inch AICS pattern magazines. Bottom metal weight is 127 grams. AL6061 T6 Alloy.