The "Ultimate" Package!

September 15, 2022

The "Ultimate" Package!

When you think of a dream rig, this has to be fairly close to it!

Featuring the extremely "modular" carbon fibre E-Tac stock by PSE, a world-class optic by Schmidt & Bender and the sleek Deadline Action by Ultimatum, this rifle is a pure tac driver!

Action: Ultimatum Deadline (300WM)

Barrel: 24 Inch International Barrel (1 in 10 twist)

Stock: PSE E-Tac Ultra-Light Carbon Fibre with ICS technology meaning unrivalled Strength-to-Weight ratio

Optic: Schmidt & Bender PM II 3-27x56

Mag System:  Atlasworxs R700 LA AICS with Accurate AI Mag


A beauty to shoot with very little recoil for what it is! The E-Tac stock provides a stable platform that absorbs recoil very well. 

Planning your next custom build? Get in touch today!

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