E-Tac 4 for Remington 700 Short Action & Clones

October 20, 2018

E-Tac 4 for Remington 700 Short Action & Clones

The PSE E-Tac 4 stock will now be available for Remington 700 short actions and clones. We are taking pre-orders this week and manufacture of the stocks will begin from the 29th of October 2018. First deliveries will be early November 2018.

The E-Tac 4 stock incorporates:


  • The PSE "ICS" system - our unique internal carbon structure which enables these stocks to reach the greatest strength-to-weight ratio.
  • The PSE Length of Pull Spacer System as can be seen on all other E-Tac 4, E-Tac 3 and E-Lite stock models.
  • SHQR (Single Hand Quick Release) adjustable cheek piece. Spring Loaded.
  • Integrated Carbon Pillars.
  • Made to spec in Ultra-Light or Mil-Spec Variants.
  • Bottom inlet for Atlasworxs DBM (for AI Mags).
  • Approx weight only 950 grams (Ultra Light Variant).

Please contact the PSE team for more info.

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