Epoxy Skim Bedding Tikka T3/T1X

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The perfect add-on to make the most of your E-Tac 3 / E-Tac 4 / E-Lite / PSE Multi-Purpose stock.

We can epoxy skim bed your custom ordered E-Tac 3 / E-Tac 4 / E-Lite / PSE Multi-Purpose with our own Tikka Action.

We use high-quality epoxy resins (the same as the stock is made from) with added aluminium and carbon to improve heat expansion characteristics and aid heat distribution in the action area. Bedding includes the steel recoil lug.

Skim Bedding is advised in order to maximise your rifles accuracy and maintain consistent performance.

Add this to your shopping cart with your E-Tac 3 / E-Tac 4 / E-Lite / PSE Multi-Purpose (for Tikka T3/T1X)and checkout - we will bed the stock with our action before sending it out to you. Due to production tolerances between different Tikka actions, the bedding may (in very few cases) require slight fitting by the customer when fitting their action.

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