PSE E-Tac (Rem 700 Long Action & Clones) - Ex Demo

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The PSE E-Tac is a light weight, adjustable carbon fibre stock. Hand-made using aerospace quality composite materials, the E-Tac is an innovative tactical rifle stock. It is a modular system widely used by hunters, LR shooters, PRS/PRL shooters as well as Law Enforcement / Mil operators.

The E-Tac incorporates PSE Composites' unique "ICS" (Integrated Carbon Skeleton). This internal carbon structure ensures that all PSE rifle stocks have an unrivaled strength-to-weight ratio.

The unique PSE manufacturing technology in this rifle stock leads to less weight below the line of the bore which in turn results in reduced initial muzzle flip and increased accuracy.

Stock features include:

-ICS Technology (Integrated Carbon Skeleton) Integral carbon fibre I-beam construction along the complete length which results in a stock that is ultra-stiff on both a lateral and torsional axis;

-SHQR (Single Hand Quick Release) allows the cheek piece to be adjusted quickly and securely with only one hand and without the need for tools. The spring loaded system ensures minimal effort when making fine adjustments to obtain a clear line of sight through your optics.

-Pentagon-shaped grip so that the rifleman develops a feel for his rifle through practice and easily develops a sub-conscious orientation with this shape;

-Integrated carbon fibre pillars. No metal pillars are required;

-Our unique "Shark-Skin" type grip which will ensure superb grip of your rifle in all conditions;

-Ambidextrous extra long and vertical pistol grip with a slight palm swell; 

-35mm wide barrel channel that will take the heaviest of barrels;

Stock Spec:

  • Right-Hand Inlet for Rem 700 Long Action & clones such as Defiance, Lone Peak, Bergara, ASH, Ultimatum, Impact, Stiller, Surgeon, Terminus, Strasser RS700 and lots more.
  • Bottom inlet for the Atlasworxs R700 LA AICS Bottom Metal
  • Custom Colour Option: Special One-Off Finish
  • 2 QD Flush Cups fitted on the side opposite the bolt
  • Swivel Stud for Bipod (removable)
  • Short Picatinny Rail fitted on forend
  • Threads Ready for PSE Arca/M-Lok Rail
  • Shark Skin Grip
  • 1 LOP Spacer fitted & Solid Rubber Recoil Pad
  • Stock Weight:  1150 grams / 40 oz (as seen in the photos)

Please Note: This stock was lightly used on one of our own show rifles but is like new; it has been epoxy skim bedded for our Rem 700 system so a small re-bedding will be required for customer's rifle; It is slightly heavier than usual UL E-Tac as it has aluminium built in for the Arca option & has a heavier recoil pad fitted also.