PSE E-Lite (Blank - No Inlet)

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  • Inlet: This stock is blank and will not have any action inlet. The barrel channel will be open but the action area of the stock will be back-filled (blank / flat)
  • Max Diameter of Barrel: Sendero Profile
  • Length of Pull: 34.7cm with no spacer (35.5cm with 1 spacer)
  • Approx. Weight: 850g / 30 oz. when inlet.

Stock Spec as Standard:

  • Duracoat Single Colour or Two Colour Speckle Finish
  • Shark-Skin Type Grip Finish
  • 2 QD Flush Cups (Fitted on Side Opposite Bolt)
  • Swivel Stud (Fitted for Bipod)
  • Threads Ready for Picatinny Rail (Rail Sold Separately)
  • Height Adjustable Cheek Piece
  • Length-of-Pull Spacer
  • Microcell Light Weight Recoil Pad or Solid Rubber Recoil Pad (Mil-Spec Stocks)

*The rifle action, scope, moderator and all components other than the rifle stock are not included in the sale. They are strictly for illustrative purposes only.*