PSE ARCA & M-LOK RAIL (E-Tac Stocks only)

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PSE have launched a new type of rail for the PSE E-Tac 3 and E-Tac 4 stock models.

This rail is an Arca rail (300mm length) that has a centre section which is M-Lok compatible. The Barricade Stop is an optional extra and can be easily removed from the Arca rail when not required.

The PSE Arca / M-Lok Rail can be ordered with any PSE E-Tac 3 and E-Tac 4 stock. We will re-enforce the stock where required and fit the rail.

PSE Arca / M-Lok Rail weight: 146 grams / 5 oz

PSE Barricade Stop weight: 47 grams / 1.6 oz

*Please contact us if you already have an E-Tac 3 or 4 stock and wish to fit this rail - it will require professional gunsmith work to fit*