PSE 3 Way Adjustable Recoil Pad (E-Tac & E-Lite Stocks Only)

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PSE 3 Way Adjustable Recoil Pad

Designed for the competitive shooter, this product is predominantly made for bench rest, FTR & target shooting. This product allows length-of-pull (LOP) adjustability as well as height and cant adjustability. A Hexagon Allen Key is required to make these adjustments.

  • Weight: 210 grams (without rubber pad piece)
  • Length-of-Pull ranges from 37cm (min) to 40cm (max) on PSE E-Tac and PSE E-Lite rifle stocks
  • Allows Travel of 46mm upwards & 34mm downwards
  • Can be ordered with or without the rubber recoil pad.


  1. This product requires specialised gunsmith work to fit it to a PSE E-Tac or E-Lite stock. Please be advised that your stock warranty may be affected if your PSE rifle stock is modified or altered. If you have a PSE stock and wish to purchase this product please CONTACT US in advance to discuss fitting options.
  2. Any new PSE E-Tac or E-Lite stock can be ordered with this product and we will fit this product to the stock before shipping the stock to you. The option to remove this product and replace it with a standard PSE LOP spacer system and recoil pad is still possible even if you have ordered your E-Tac/E-Lite stock from PSE with the PSE 3 Way Adjustable Recoil Pad.