Tikka T3 with AICS Type Magazines

December 12, 2022

PSE E-Tac Carbon Rifle Stock with Tikka T3 AICS System

Do you have a Tikka T3 or T3X rifle and would like to convert it to use AICS type magazines, such as those made by Accuracy International, Accurate Mags, MDT etc? This shouldn't be a problem. 

For example, you may have a Tikka T3 Lite, Hunter, Varmint, Tac A1 etc with the standard factory mag system.

You can take this rifle and drop it into a PSE E-Lite or Multi-Purpose or E-Tac stock (recommended with our Epoxy Bedding option for a drop-in fit) and opt for the bottom inlet "Tikka T3 or T3X CTR or UPR Bottom Inlet" or "Atlasworxs AICS Floor Plate T3 or T3X CTR or UPR (.223 to .308)"

This will allow you to use after-market magazines such as those made by the brands listed above.

Please note that the Tikka T3 CTR(or UPR) stock inlet is the same inlet as the Atlasworxs AICS Floor Plate T3/T3X so either of the mag systems should work with your Tikka T3 or T3X rifle.

Also note that the Atlasworxs T3 Long Action AICS bottom metal is different and does not share the same stock inlet as the Tikka CTR or UPR mag system. 

Please contact us if you're unsure and have some questions! 

Thank you,

Team PSE.

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