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PSE Rifle Stocks for Remington and Tikka in the USA

Looking for a PSE rifle stock in the USA?

Check out Salty Solutions' website by clicking here

Dan Call (recently retired US Navy Seal) is the CEO of Salty Solutions LLC in the USA. He imports our high quality carbon composite rifle stocks as well as our other products!

Some of the stock models available:

  • E-Tac 4 RSA (Rem 700 Short Action inlet)
  • E-Tac 4 RLA (Rem 700 Long Action inlet)
  • Hunter (Rem 700 Short Action inlet)
  • Hunter (Tikka T3/T3x inlet)
  • Hunter (Tikka T3/T3x CTR inlet)
  • E-Tac 4 CTR (Tikka T3/T3x CTR inlet)
  • E-Tac 3 (Tikka T3/T3x inlet)
  • E-Lite (Tikka T3/T3x inlet)
  • E-Lite CTR (Tikka T3/T3x CTR inlet)
Blank (flat top) stocks are also available.

Please contact Salty Solutions or the PSE team if you have any questions and we will point you in the right direction.