Our Story

PSE Composites Limited is a company registered in the Republic of Ireland.

Company Registration Number: 596607

Registered Office: Waterfall House, Garrettstown, Ballinspittle ,Co. Cork, Ireland.

The idea behind PSE rifle stocks started out in 2008 by Edmund Graef and his sons Peter and Stephan. Being a keen hunter and successful engineer, Edmund decided to build his own stock for his Howa 1500 SA rifle when he didn't find a stock on the market to satisfy his needs. PSE stocks were developed not with cost-saving in mind but rather performance. We had to make a stock that would meet the needs of the user.

Edmund's vast knowledge in material science and composite materials enabled him to build a light, extremely rigid and strong carbon fibre stock for his own Howa 1500 SA hunting rifle. It was soon realised that Edmund wasn't the only hunter locally struggling to find a rifle stock that met all the requirements and so Peter and Edmund decided to look into manufacturing carbon fibre rifle stocks for hunters and target shooters around the world.

Peter has a strong interest in business studies and so decided to take it on as a project in secondary school to set up the rifle stock business. He registered the name "PSE Composites", which is composed of the three founding members' names. Initially Edmund developed a carbon fibre stock for the Howa 1500 SA and PSE started exporting them to the first customers in Europe. Considerable investment in research and development has contributed to the growth of PSE-Composites within the market. PSE now manufactures high quality carbon fibre stocks for a variety of factory and custom rifles including Tikka T3/T3X, Remington 700, Remington 700 clone actions, Schultz & Larsen, Heym and Howa 1500. The product range is continuously expanding. Our goal is to supply carbon rifle stocks of the highest quality and performance to hunters and target shooters on a global scale.


Why Choose PSE for your rifle?

At PSE we strive to deliver products that exceed our customer's expectations. Every rifle stock is hand-made with the highest quality aerospace approved materials. Our innovative, labour-intensive lay-up methods lead to a product of far superior properties and overall quality. This is turn leads to improved and more reliable accuracy, especially under hunting conditions. Our rifle stocks are designed and manufactured to ensure maximum stiffness and strength whilst at the same time retaining light weight. PSE stocks are consistently tested for both quality and performance purposes. Unlike other stock manufacturers, we use a unique inlet moulding technique which leads to enhanced product features such as integrated carbon pillars and 3D long fibre structure within the inlet and recoil lug area. Our manufacturing process and materials technology bring rifle stock manufacturing to the next level.