E-Tac Ultralight Stocks

E-Tac 3 (Tikka T3/T3X)

  • A fully carbon fibre tactical stock from PSE Composites.

    Inlet suitable for Tikka T3/T3X.

    The light weight of the E-Tac 3 will reduce mass below the bore line and help reduce initial muzzle flip and increase accuracy.

    Features include:

    -ICS Technology (Integrated Carbon Skeleton) Integral carbon fibre I-beam construction along the complete length which results in a stock that is ultra-stiff on both a lateral and torsional axis;

    -Height adjustable cheek piece;

    -Intergrated carbon fibre pillars. Metal pillars are not required;

    -Stippling / Grip front and rear to securely hold the stock in all conditions;

    -Pentagon-shaped grip so that the rifleman develops a feel for his rifle through practice and easily develops a sub-conscious orientation with this shape;

    -Ambidextrous extra long and vertical pistol grip with a slight palm swell;

    -Flat sides on the forend can be used to mount Picatinny rails. Flats are in line with the bore;

    -35mm wide barrel channel that will take the heaviest of barrels;

    -Approx. 930g / 32 Oz.

    *The rifle action, scope, moderator, LOP spacer and all components other than the rifle stock are not included in the sale. They are strictly for illustrative purposes only.*

    *Prices illustrated include Irish VAT but exclude shipping. Shipping costs are calculated at checkout*


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