A carbon composite PSE rifle stock for the Blaser R8 - will it happen?

June 20, 2018

A carbon composite PSE rifle stock for the Blaser R8 - will it happen?

The PSE team has for some time debated the idea of designing and manufacturing a carbon fibre rifle stock for the Blaser R8 Professional. We have for several years now been approached by Blaser owners and enthusiasts requesting that we launch a light weight adjustable stock inletted for the R8. 

The time has now come for PSE to do just that! We have started initial designs using our latest E-Lite stock to try and make a prototype for the R8. Of course a completely new mould will be made for the R8 and it will be complex! However, we are committed to manufacturing the E-Lite for the R8 using the same methods that we have used for over 10 years now on all our other stock models. We will continue to use these complex moulding methods combined with extremely high tech materials to manufacture a stock that is unrivaled in its strength to weight ratio. We refuse to rush the development process as we do not take any shortcuts in our methods.

The big question is when will it become available on the market? Whilst no definite time frame has been announced yet, we would hope to have the PSE E-Lite rifle stock in production by September 2018. 

Please keep an eye on our website & Facebook page for updates!


Best Rgds,

The PSE Team

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